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Joomla 2.5: Lesson 12 - Joomla Administrator

The backend of a Joomla website is called the Administrator. This lesson explains the functions of the major Administrator features. The next lesson is about how to configure Joomla categories.


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  • ok. Thanks for your quick response! I do have somebody who set the site up for me.

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  • Hi there. Just joined here. I already have a Joomla website under construction and am interested in installing another template. My back end doesnt have 'Extensions Manager' as an option under Extensions Menu. Any idea why?
    Kind regards
    Annette :)

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  • Joomla has an access control system that allows you to specify what a user can and can't do. My guess is that you don't have the appropriate rights to access all of Joomla's features. Now if you're building the site yourself, that doesn't make sense. But if somebody else set the site up for you, you should ask them to give you Super User access so you can control everything.

    It is common for developers to give the site owner less control, because the less you have access to, the less likely you're going to mess something up! So if you are going to take full control, learn how to backup and restore your site in case something goes wrong. This is demonstrated in Beyond the Basics.

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  • Hi, I have watched your tutorial and find that afterall it is not that difficult to build up a website and currently i already have a Joomla site ver 1.5. I would like to know if I were to join membership today. Can u help me with my current Joomla website ver 1.5 upgraded to 2.5 or 3.0 and also to fix one problem with the tabs. I am trying to learn how to go beyond basics and future to Joomla Pro! in order for me to develope online ecommece, social media, SEO optimization..etc...

    from Australia
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