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Joomla 2.5: Lesson 20 - Conclusion

Your journey is complete but there are more places to explore. Learn how to move Beyond the Basics.


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  • Guest - Caroline

    Thanks Richard, your tutorials are well presented and interesting. You have helped to demystify the inner workings of a Joomla website for me, and I am now feeling more confident about tackling my project (moving my club's website from another CMS to Joomla).
    Caroline :)

    from Adelaide SA, Australia
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  • Awesome awesome basic tutorials.
    Although I'm familiar with wordpress, I've just taken over a joomla website and learning from scratch.
    Thanks very much indeed.

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  • Guest - Ales

    I watched all of Basics tutorials and they are great videos to start with :D tnx

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  • Hi Guys
    Thank you so much for the most wonderful, helpful Joomla tutorials. I am fascinated with with how easy Joomla can be, and I even built a joomla website for a friend, but I have question and almost an issue ( since I know there should be a solution for) the background images and how is it to create your own background image and apply it to the body of the site.
    Again I would like to thank you all for the most wonderful Tutorials, I really did enjoy these 20 videos.


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  • That's somewhat beyond the scope of what can be answered here. It's down to the CSS file of the template. If there is a background image there already and you just want to change it, you can do that via the CSS file. Otherwise, you're going to need to get some training on how CSS works and go from there.

    from Sydney NSW, Australia
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  • Guest - Abhi

    Very good tutorial. helps me a lot.;)

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