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Joomla 2.5: Lesson 17 - Images

The expression A picture is worth a thousand words has never been so true as it is with websites. The next lesson explains the Joomla template.


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  • Guest - Lani

    Hi Richard,

    I am new with all of these. I downloaded a template called IceTheme, and it's Joomla compatible. I should have no issues with it, correct?

    Thank you!

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  • Sure - should be fine.

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  • Guest - Gemma

    Hey Richard

    I'm wanting to upload a banner that runs across multiple pages. potentially a slideshow of images. How do I insert banner images?

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  • There is actually an extension built into Joomla called Banner that will display a random image on page load. For a slideshow you should look through the options on the Joomla Extensions Directory:

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  • Guest - joey

    hi im practicing uploading image in my joomla website but i cannot upload the picture. The picture is 200kb in size.

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  • Do you get some sort of error?

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  • Hi,
    I was on the forum earlier, I had first installed j3 but I was having problems doing the tutorial one was uploading images, and the other was instaling templates.a I was advised to unistal and loade j2.5. I have done that now, and again have go as far as this lesson and, I am still having a problem with uploading images. It just says Warning: Failed to move file! - Unable to upload file. I suspect that I will have the same problem when I get to template lesson. So, the version was not the problem, any ideas what else it could be

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  • That sounds like a hosting issue. Some web hosts are more "Joomla-friendly" than others. There is likely to be a permissions problem somewhere and this is often solved by enabling the FTP settings in Global Configuration.

    from Sydney NSW, Australia
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  • Hi, thanks for your very informative lessons. I have transferred my site onto a Joomla 1.5 program. Getting stuck on being able to upload my pictures into folders to create a simple image gallery. After I press the button to upload nothing happens. Can you help me.

    from New Jersey, USA
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