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Joomla 2.5: Lesson 11 - Frontend

The Joomla frontend is the public part of your website. This lesson takes you on a tour to help you understand what goes where. The next lesson is the Joomla Administrator.


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  • Guest - pam

    Our school website is already up and running. I have been asked to help administer it, add newsletters photo's and notes for parents. Thus I need to learn how to embed either PDF or Word docs into the site (for newsletters) create new "quicklinks" delete same and various other things. Could you tell me which of the lessons deals with these areas in particular? I have watched lessons 1 thru 11 and not yet found the info I am needing.

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  • Beyond the Basics goes into those topics in more detail. This blog post might also help:

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  • I have Windows 8 and Joomla won't open a link box so I can change the hyperlink, any ideas on why? Please email me.

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  • No idea really. But the fact that you mention Windows 8 makes me think you are trying to work locally. Strange things can happen on a local system which is why I encourage beginners to work on a properly configured web server, preferably with a Joomla-friendly web host.

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  • Is there a course on Joomla 3.2?

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