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JCE is an enhanced Joomla editor that allows you to perform certain day to day web development functions quickly and easily, all from one interface. Image uploading, link creation / modification and much more are all bundled into the editor.

You can also format all of your copy within Joomla articles and modules in an interface similar to most familiar office tools available today. JCE is very customizable to your environment and features some advanced code editing options for more advanced Joomla coders.

JCE is a free extension, and is available for versions 1.5, 1.7 and 2.5.

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The JCK Editor is quickly gaining popularity among the Joomla world. It also features basic office type functionality, along with HTML editing and image management. The layout is a bit different from JCE, which some people prefer.

JCK Editor relies on a strong set of plugins to help customize the Joomla editing environment. JCK Editor also features some newer HTML 5 editing functions.

JCK Editor is available for free download, but there are also three levels of membership that provide support and access to premium components. Memberships start at €22.50 for six months.

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Content Construction


K2 became the CCK of choice for a large percentage of the Joomla world in the recent past, but the appearance of a lack of development support caused some developers to explore other options. The recent updates and activity around K2 are causing renewed interest and lots of new use.

K2 offers the ability to create your own custom content types, along with custom fields. This is a great option for people looking to create any kind of online catalog or need some specific and repeatable display options.

K2 is a free extension and is available for Joomla versions 1.5 through 2.5.

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Another CCK extension we find to be very helpful and of high quality is from YOOtheme. It's called ZOO. It also provides custom content creation, but in addition offers complete Apps that allow quick creation of Blogs, Product Catalogs, Movie Databases and more.

ZOO is also free for the basic version, while the full product with all Apps starts at €99.

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Akeeba Admin Tools is another of our must have extensions. This is one of the first few extensions that should be installed with every Joomla site. The permissions fixing feature alone is worth the install.

In addition to great permissions control, you can also set some very useful security options to keep your site instantly safer.  Again, this is a free extension with an upgrade option to the Premium level with support.

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Backup and Restore


Akeeba Backup is by far the most popular and widely used extension to backup, restore or move a Joomla website. The fact that this extension has been offered for free says nothing of the incredible quality and stability you get with this great piece of software. A definite must have.

There is a wide variety of configuration settings available to precisely customize your backups to your specific situation, and with the Premium version you can also backup to and restore directly from the cloud.

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EasyBlog has steadily become the standout extension in the Joomla blogging world. With EasyBlog you get a full featured and complete blogging platform with available extensions ready to plug in for even greater functionality.

StackIdeas caters to the Joomla blogging community by producing quality extensions and offering superb support as well.

EasyBlog starts at $59. Demos are available on the StackIdeas site as well.

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Also from StackIdeas is a great commenting extension called Komento. If you already have a Joomla blog, this free extension is a really nice way to add comments.

Just a few of the many Komento features include geo-location, email notifications, enhanced security and the ability to attach files within comments.

For a full list of features and a demo of the product, visit

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