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Joomla 2.5: Lesson 14 - Joomla Articles

This is step 2 in the article creation process. Once you've mastered this, you need to link to your article(s) with a Joomla menu.


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  • Guest - Henry Velasquez

    I am looking to make a website but i am currently working on my companies web server. I am having the problem of a category not deleting entirely. I tried to delete a category and then when i went to recreate the category for a test basis, it said the category alias already existed. It is not showing in the category manager at all so I was a little confused. Is this a bug of 2.5?

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  • There are a couple of concepts to understand. Firstly articles have what's called an alias which to avoid confusion, I don't demonstrate in this introductory series. If this is left out, Joomla creates it automatically. It is the same as the title with hyphens replacing spaces. So for example if you create an article with the title Sydney Fish Markets, the alias will be sydney-fish-markets. Aliases need to be unique throughout your installation of Joomla. So you can't have a second article with the same alias. A second article can have the same title as another article, but Joomla will throw that error when you save and you would have to manually change the alias to something else like sydney-fish-markets-2.

    Secondly, articles have different states. The default state is published which means that it is available to be displayed on the frontend. When you Trash an article, it actually remains in the system, but its state is changed to Trashed. Therefore the alias is still recognised. If you create a new article with the same title, it will throw that error because an article already exists with that alias, even though that article has been trashed.

    The resolution is simple; either create a different alias or find the trashed article (in Article Manager change Status to Trashed) and permanently delete it (Empty Trash).

    The same advice applies to categories.

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