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Improve your anchor text

How many links do you encounter that contain the words "click here"? There's nothing wrong with this from a user perspective, but did you know that the words you use in your links are VERY important to search engines?

This is called anchor text and you should include your keywords in your text when you create links. So if you want to create a link to a page about scuba diving, instead of writing, "click here for details", consider writing something like "read about our scuba diving training courses in Sydney" where the anchor text is "scuba diving training courses in Sydney".

There are two areas in Joomla where these type of links occur; in a normal article and in a "two-part" article. It's easy enough to create a normal link as demonstrated in our free Joomla video tutorial. A "two-part" article displays introductory text followed by a link to "read more". Here is how to change the "read more" text:

1. Start in Administrator by opening the article you wish to manage.

2. In the right column, click on Parameters (Advanced)

3. The last field is headed Alternative Read more text. Enter your anchor text here (e.g. read more about scuba diving training courses in Sydney).

4. Click Save and check out the front end to view the changed link.

You can see this demonstrated, along with a bunch of other SEO tips, in our Advanced Joomla tutorials.

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