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Move a Joomla installation to a new folder using cPanel

Move a Joomla installation to a new folder using cPanel

Where do you build your Joomla website, when you already have a live website? You could build the Joomla site locally, but this can be problematic and doesn’t allow an outsider to access the development site. You could setup a second web hosting account, but this costs money. Or you could build the new site inside a sub-folder of your existing site and move everything when you’re ready to change. That’s a popular approach, but what is the right way to move the files? This video tutorial demonstrates our recommended procedure.

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Get Joomla installed for a fiverr

Fiverr for JoomlaThere are several ways to install Joomla, and we teach the most common methods in The Basics. But if you want to outsource this task and can scrape together 5 bucks, check out this resource.

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