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Joomla Needs Your Input

Joomla Needs Your Input

"For the first time, the Joomla project is conducting a survey to ask for input and feedback about overall goals for the upcoming year. As a community driven project, your participation is important - the results of this survey will be one of the inputs that will help determine Joomla's overall goals for 2013," states Paul Orwig in a Joomla! Community Portal release. The survey is available in English, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Spanish.

When the survey closes after October 29, the results will be published on the Community Portal, and a new project goals/strategy working group that was created after leadership meetings in May will begin to dig through the findings.

The feedback from the community will have a direct influence in the overall project goals for 2013.

To read the entire post and find the link to the survey in your prefered language, visit the Joomla! Community Portal before October 29.

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