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Joomla Monster Releases First Template for HCT Framework

Joomla Monster Releases First Template for HCT Framework

Joomla Monster has released their first Joomla theme built on their in house HCT framework. The template, titled Pharmacy, is an online catalog built with design flexibility in mind.

Pharmacy also features a responsive design, so it works well with many different devices. Its highly customizable structure is easily managed through the HCT framework, where you can make changes and save your own styles for use on the front end.

The HCT framework features both quick "Basic Settings" options as well as more advanced "Custom Styles" that are available for serious tweaking and customization. Joomla Monster also provides clear guidelines on their template file structure to make management and modification easier.

Pharmacy is available for Joomla 1.7 and 2.5.  For more information see Joomla Monster's website.

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