Joomla 3: Lesson 2 - Why Joomla?

Learn why you should consider Joomla over other content management systems.

  • Joomla Benefits
  • Alternative Content Management Systems
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  • Guest - Pen

    Hi I'm thinking of taking over a site built on joomla and find many things that are just impossibly complicated on the site such as updating content for which I used to use iframes. the owners of the site should be able to edit content easily using word or even a text editor and any changes to the file should be immediately mirrored on the website. easily achievable using iframe. can this be done with joomla even with iframe blocking these days to prevent buttonjacking

    from Luxembourg
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  • Iframes? What?

    This very much goes against the whole concept of using a CMS - any CMS. Sure you can create Iframe pages (Joomla calls them a wrapper), but as a developer I would be pushing your client very hard to resist this solution. It's clunky and can lead to poor search engine indexing.

    Unless you need to do something unusual, it's easy to edit content within the article which when saved is immediately reflected on the front-end. You don't even have to give your client Administrator access as most content can be edited from the front-end, with the appropriate access level. Okay - it might take a bit of time for them to learn the interface, but this is far better than working within Word.

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  • how can i convert my current websjte thanks uskng joomla

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  • Keep watching the lessons!

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  • :) Very helpfull explaination / consideration of pro and cons.

    from Berlin, Germany
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  • Guest - Jayakumar

    Hi Richard,
    Is Joomla comparable with software such as Adobe Dream Weaver?

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  • They're really two very different development tools. With Dreamweaver, you create on your local computer and upload to a server. With Joomla, you tend to work directly on the server. This has several advantages as I explain in the video.

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  • Guest - isaac

    Well am new and will like to learn

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