Joomla 3: Lesson 16 - Conclusion

This final lesson introduces you to resources to help you continue your Joomla journey.

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  • Congrats ! ! ! !
    Great Job
    Thank you VERY much

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  • Enjoyed this informative course ... have just been handed the duties of maintaining an already established website ... eager now to put the principles to use ... appreciate your work ... you're a real pro.

    from Ormond Beach, FL, USA
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  • Guest - James

    Great introduction to joomla.:)

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  • Guest - Mariene

    Hi! You have such a great tutorial. But I think you lack some joomla features that also needs to be discussed, such as the components, global configuration, field & tab management and many more. Those are also significant when learning joomla because soon enough people are gonna need it like me. Can I also request how to make a search feature in joomla that can generate results limited to the content of the single page or something? Thanks!

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  • This course is designed to get you up and running with Joomla quickly, which is why it is called The Basics. We do have many more lessons available in Beyond the Basics.

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  • Good day. I usually don't watch full videos because they get boring, but I must say, this was helpful. I last updated my website in 2010 and it looks dull, but I am now confident that very soon I can launch a new responsive CMS website...thanks

    from Pretoria, South Africa
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  • I have several websites and I'm gonna use one to experiment with Joomla. My brother wants to get a new company going and use Joomla as the CMS, so hopefully I can learn enough to help him. Don't mind paying for some things, but we're trying to get a grip on Joomla first before we start forking over some money. I've been using Front Page and Expression web for the past 16 years and now I'm ready to make the change into something more modern. I really appreciate the 16 part introduction video and plan to come back for more help :)

    from Santa Cruz, CA, USA
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  • Greetings Richard,

    I just got through watching your basics videos. I've seen a few training websites (Lynda, etc.) and I think yours is hands down the best - because you speak clearly and simply, you don't rush or assume the stuff nearly all geek types do (even though I was a Borland Delphi applications developer in a past life), and you're in HD! It's the end of the day so I'm signing up tomorrow for your "Beyond the Basics" course. Earlier I signed up over at JoomlaShine, which I see you recommend. I have 2 domains set up with clean Joomla 3.3 installs that are rarin' to go. Wish me luck!

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  • Good luck!

    And thank you.

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  • Guest - Roger Tew

    I am a volunteer with a non-profit organisation and have just inherited the content management duties for our new, branded Joomla website. Having just run through your Joomla 3 tutorials, tomorrow will be a much better day. Thank you for such clear descriptions and visuals.

    from Vernon, BC, Canada
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