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Richard Pearce Moderator
Expert Member
Hi, I am building a site to support my soon to be released first novel and I have some resources I want to put on my site which will remain relatively static for large periods of time. Examples are: A free documents area: I need a place to st...
I need to a template that has all these functions: an event calendar that is sortable by venue, artist, and date, with a list view, and registered users can also list their own events. (this is free so I don't need ticketing or payment.) I'd also...
Senior Member
Hi Richard, I would assume that the suggestion box is pointed at you, for others to comment. Giovanni made a suggestion about a cheat sheet, and got some negative comment - i.e. no support. I would think that most of the people that look at this for...
Expert Member
Good news: I have published a leaderboard module in the right column. You can now get recognised for all your hard work in the forum. No, for various reasons I am not going to tell you how it works. Bad news: it starts from now I'm afraid. Your a...
Richard Pearce Moderator
Expert Member
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