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  1. Richard Pearce
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  3. Friday, March 17 2017, 02:34 PM
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This inquiry was sent to us by email and I have listed it here for the benefit of others:

I checked the forums but could not find a way to restrict access to a particular page on a Joomla site I am working on. I would like the page to only be visible to people I give the SAME login and password to, so they can download a PDF. I do not want them to have to register and set up an account. The only extensions I have found are way too complicated for this intention. I read on support from Joomla that I can change the article to be accessed by Guest, Registration , Public or Special. When I did that...the page did not show, but what needs to be done in the settings to accomplish this. Thanks for any help or extension/plugin you can recommend.
Richard Pearce Accepted Answer
The access control feature of Joomla (and other platforms) works by creating access groups, assigning users to those groups and then specifying that certain access levels can view certain content. The only way to do this is to register users who then have to login to view certain content. So when you say the page didn't show, it's because the logged in user didn't have the correct setting applied.

Access control is a bit messy to setup and I have a whole section dedicated to this in Beyond the Basics.

I wouldn't normally recommend you to use a single login for everyone, but if you're sure that's acceptable for you, then I can think of a couple of options.

1) EasyBlog - you can create a blog post and secure it with a password. I've never tried this feature, but my understanding is it will be protected with a single password. You can then write a post that includes a link to a downloadable file (your PDF).

2) If you're hosting on a server running Apache, then you can create a password using the .htaccess file. Depending on your hosting environment, you might need to ask your web host for help. This article has some basics.

3) This looks interesting
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