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  1. ral
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  3. Tuesday, July 19 2016, 01:21 PM
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I have found the following but both seem to have their critics:

1)keycaptcha, but as it is a free download, I am not entirely comfortable with that.

2) JPRo Paid download but they have lukewarm reviews at best.

Anyone have any thoughts on safew and reliable 2016 extension.

Accepted Answer
Richard Pearce Accepted Answer
Depends on what you're trying to protect.

Joomla has a captcha plugin built-in based on reCaptcha. It needs to be configured and is useful on core Joomla content such as the use registration page. It's possible that some third party extensions will also take advantage of this plugin.

Some extensions include a captcha feature avoiding the need to install anything else.

Don't necessarily be put off by the fact that an extension is free. Many developers provide good quality extensions for free in the hope of winning customers over to a paid product or simply because that's the notion of an open source project.
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