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  1. Asger Victor Hansen
  2. Priority Support
  3. Tuesday, December 15 2015, 07:02 AM
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I was buying a template through joomlashine and couldn't make the coupon codes work. The vode in quesiton is JSNWEB30

I contacted them and they told me those codes have expired. So perhaps it is time to renegotiate or remove it.

Here is the email from Joomlashine:

Could you please let me know where you found out the coupon code?

We changed the policy so the coupon code for 30% off will not be published any more and a 15% off will be replaced. Btw, which template would you like to buy?

I would be appreciated if you could let me know the URL where the 30% coupon is available so I can contact buildajoomlawebsite to replace it.

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