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  1. Richard Pearce
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  3. Wednesday, July 03 2013, 07:20 AM
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I established this website to produce Joomla tutorials that most people can understand and subsequently build a Joomla website. That has mostly worked. However some people would rather pay someone to get it done or fix problems. Over the past five years, we have received tons of requests to recommend a Joomla developer and we're now starting to do something about it.

We have built a Joomla Website Developer Directory which is now accepting free listings. This is powered by a complex Joomla extension and it will take a while until we have it working just right. As such, THIS IS A BETA RELEASE so certain features may not work perfectly or be in their final form. If you are a Joomla developer, you're welcome to list your business now, but note the following:

* the menu item is currently set to Registered users so you need to have at least a free account on this site and be logged in to see the link.

* NAVIGATE to Resources --> Joomla Developers

* CLICK Add New Listing

* Complete your details

After submitting your listing, you might be clever enough to notice an option next to your listing that allows you to upgrade to a paid listing. These "Featured" listings will appear above the free listings and include additional details such as portfolio images and your business will appear on the map. However please don't do this yet as a special offer will be announced when we complete this part of the directory. If for some reason you choose to ignore this and pay for an upgrade now, no refunds will be provided.

If you run into trouble or have any comments about this new service, please use our contact form.

Once we have a few free listings and are confident that there are no major issues, we will release the page to the public and start promoting it through our various channels.

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