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  1. Bill Meador
  2. Extensions
  3. Friday, May 11 2018, 07:05 AM
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I need assistance finding a good image gallery extension. I currently use Phoca Gallery, but it requires too many menu items for a clean looking site. Here is my issue:

- I have 4 major image groupings, call them gallery, beads, venue, and drawings.
- In each of those there are 15 individual years worth of images, each year in their own folder.
- I need a way to have a Joomla! menu for just the four groupings, and when a user clicks on one of them it takes them to a listing of the years for that group only, then they can click on a particular year and to go the images for that year within that group.

I tried making the actual folders (categories) in Phoca that hold images have parent categories, but when I make a menu item for list of categories it shows all the folders with images, not just the four parent folders.

Am not opposed to purchasing a top quality gallery extension if that is the only recourse, but could sure use some suggestions for getting things streamlined.


Richard Pearce Accepted Answer
Hi Bill,

You should be able to find something starting here:

Although it would be ideal if the gallery handled your navigation requirements, you might have to compromise. You could create several galleries and then a single page, or multiple pages, that contain links to the relevant individual galleries.

Going up a step from here is much more involved as you would need to consider a CCK extension which gives you more flexibility, but requires much more work to create.
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