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  3. Tuesday, May 29 2012, 04:18 PM
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In order to post, you need a free or paid membership with us. If you have an account, start by logging in using the box in the right column. If you don't have an account, click the Create an account link in the right column.

How to post
1. Click the green Start a new topic button at the right of the forum toolbar
2. Choose the most appropriate category. Beyond the Basics members should choose Priority Support as we monitor it more closely so you're more likely to get a faster response.
3. Enter a subject - note that related post subjects are displayed and you might find something relevant already exists, in which case click that headline
4. Enter your post details. You can use";">BBCode to format if you know how to do that, although most functions like bold and videos are available in the editor.
5. Tag your post as this will become a useful resource over time. If you're not familiar with tags, just leave it. I recommend you choose tags like extension names (e.g. Akeeba Backup), developer names (e.g. MijoSoft), broad topics (e.g. SEO).
6. If you want to include a link, you can use";">BBCode or the Add References Link at the base of the post.
7. You can include an attachment up to 2MB. File types include gif,jpg,png,zip,rar.

Use the Answered feature
Most posts are questions. If you receive a response that you feel best answers our question click the Accept this as answer link at the bottom of the relevant reply. The reply will be marked as answered which helps others who might find your post in the future.

How to reply to a post
There are actually two options - a Your Response box at the bottom of the page and an Add Comment link within each post. It's up to you how you respond but in most cases you're most likely to use the main box at the bottom. However if you feel your response is more relevant to an individual reply, rather than the main topic, use Add Comment.

If you like someone's post or a reply, click the up arrow. If you don't like it, click the down arrow. Do this throughout the forum, not just on your own posts and replies. This is a simple way of recognising contributors.

Similar to voting, but a general like instead of a vote, if that makes sense.

What's New
When you return to the site, you can determine new activity in several ways. The initial forum page displays the most recent posts in descending order. Or click the New link towards the top to see posts submitted in the last three days. When logged in, you'll get a notification number to the left of the Start new topic button. Clicking this shows activity on posts you're contributing to since you last checked.

You can also subscribe to posts to receive email notifications of changes. Or click the email icon on the main forum page to setup an email notification for all posts.

And the forum has an;type=rss"">RSS feed. Also each category has a feed.

Play nicely
Like any forum, you are expected to be courteous to everyone at all times. Writing something nasty, defamatory or illegal will at best make you look foolish or at worst could land you in court. In the event that you find something you don't like, click the Report Abuse link at the top of the associated post or reply.

Thank you for helping to build this resource :)

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