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  1. Chris Read
  2. Introductions
  3. Friday, November 13 2015, 05:03 AM
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Hello to everyone on this forum..

I watched Richard's Introductory 16 videos this afternoon.. I might sign up for the Beyond the basics next week - Need to have a look around first and see what I can work out for myself first!

So who am I and what am I trying to achieve with Joomla? I do have over 20 years experience in IT (working on the big Mainframes) so I'm no IT newcomer but I'm now trying to extend my skills range into Website Development, though perhaps I see my aims more as 'Web based applications' rather than simple Websites - In the past three months I've taught myself a long list of things from PHP to JavaScript to CSS (I already knew some HTML and I'm pretty adapt at SQL) ... anyway an ex-colleague heard what I was trying to do and pointed me in the direction of Joomla; I'm still trying to work out what I need now and what I can learn later...

Anyway Your 16 videos were a great start, now I'm looking through loads of Templates. I've no objection of spending some money on these but not until I understand what I'm getting for my money so will probably try out some free ones first Right then, time for my tea


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