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  1. ral
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  3. Thursday, July 21 2016, 02:47 PM
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Hi I am using a template by designers ICE THEMES and they have some default social icon fonts in the footer.

I want to keep them, but edit the links for my own twitter and facebook accounts.

I have done this before , but I can't remember where these PRECISE href links are on the server.

The only thing I have found is in file social_icons.php [ Image included]

The actual user links must be coming from somewhere; If anyone know where, would be very HAPPY TO BE POINTED IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION>

kind regards
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Accepted Answer
Richard Pearce Accepted Answer
This is not a core Joomla feature, so you might like to try the template settings. Extensions > Template Manager > then go to the name of your template. If you don't have any luck, ask the template developer.
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