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Website development prototypes

So you've just signed your first web development customer. You've collected a deposit. Now what?

For me, getting new clients has never been the problem. And once you follow the steps in our upcoming How to earn $4000 a month as a part time web developer, it won't be a problem for you either. No – the problem is getting through the work and in this post, you'll learn some tips on how to avoid falling into project hell.

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Web Development Sales Process

There have been countless books written about how to sell and I can't begin to do justice to this topic here. However if you follow these principles, you'll leap ahead of the pack, gain confidence and make more money.

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How to get web development leads

This is part 2 in our series on how to become a professional Joomla developer. Web developers need to focus on two main tasks; delivering the product (i.e. building the website) and making sales. The part most developers dread is sales but this doesn't need to be the case. What if you had a method that you could activate every time you needed work? Not cold calling (yuck!), not advertising but a simple method that you can use THIS WEEKEND.

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How to earn $4000 a month as a part-time web developer

2011-10-20 web-wireframeToday we start a series of articles on how to become a professional web developer using the skills you already have. If you're already a web developer, don't despair as you're bound to pick-up some gems along the way. Plus we'll be alternating each week between this series and our template series until the end of the year.

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