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Joomla's greatest threat

Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities ThreatsIf you operate a business you may have run a SWOT analysis at some stage. This planning approach examines your organisation's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. When choosing a piece of software, or in our case a content management system, it's common to examine the first two – strengths and weaknesses. But what about the other two? Let's leave opportunities for another day and in this post ask the question "What is Joomla's greatest threat?"

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The number one thing I love about Joomla

The number one thing I love about JoomlaLast week I revealed that the number one thing I hate about Joomla is extensions. I have a love/hate relationship with Joomla at times, and so it's only fair that I counter this with a look at the thing I love most about Joomla. Discover what this is and I'll also introduce you to some Joomla goodies you've probably never heard of. 

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The number one thing I hate about Joomla

There are a huge number of positives that Joomla has in its favor. It's open source. It has a huge community. And once our fabulous and free Joomla training course gives you the knowledge to use it properly, it does become easy to manage. But there is one thing that drives me and thousands of others crazy. Learn what this is and how to take steps to minimize its impact on your Joomla life.

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