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Put a Google map on your website

Before Google maps came along, creating a map for a website was tedious. We used to have to source an original map, trace the required roads onto paper, scan it, add color and then hope that the client liked it. Even a simple map would take a couple of hours.

I love Google Maps. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes when you use this free Googlemaps plugin. However there is one challenge. If you want to include a marker on the map, you need to know the latitude and longitude of the location. There are a few ways to do this but one of the easiest is to do the following:

1. Go to Google Maps and find your location by entering a street address.
2. Right click on your desired location and choose the "Center Map Here" option.
3. Enter the following line into your browser's address bar:


4. A pop-up will appear with the coordinates. Make a note of this and enter this into your article as instructed by the plugin.

Update: there are now easier methods to find latitude and longitude. The entire process of installing this extension and inserting a map is demonstrated in our Beginner Plus Joomla tutorials.

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