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How to include [i][b]formatting[/b][/i] in your headlines

Joomla does not provide a way to format the text that appears in an article heading (such as italicising a word as I did in this article's heading). If you try to insert HTML code, this is removed when you save the article. Fix this as follows:

  • Download the free extension, yvBBCode
  • Install this extension as normal (see lesson 12)
  • Go to Plugin Manager and edit yvbbcode
  • Enable the extension and make sure the first parameter is set to Yes

Plugin parameters

  • Now if you would like to italicise a word in a headline, simply include i[i] at the start of your word and /i[/i] at the end, for example:
    This is my i[i]italicised/i[/i] word
  • or make it bold:
    This is my b[b]bold/b[/b] word
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