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How to change your Favicon

Websites can include a small image called a Favicon that appears in your web browser to help identify a site. You can create your own as follows:

1. The final dimensions of your icon need to be a tiny 16 x 16 pixels. And it needs to specifically be in the .ico format. The good news is you don't need fancy software to create this. Just create an image of any size using your favorite image editor. Ideally this should have the same horizontal and vertical dimensions. Save it as a .GIF or .JPG.

2. Head over to DynamicDrive and upload your image using the Browse button. Once uploaded, click the Create button.

3. Click the Download Favicon button and save the file on your computer.

4. Upload the favicon.ico file to your website. It needs to be stored in your templates folder. So if your template is called mytemplate, you would save it in /templates/mytemplate. If the file already exists, just overwrite it with your new version.

5. Open your web browser and view the frontend of your website. Your icon should now be displayed to the left of your address bar.

Troubleshooting: You may have to clear the cache of your browser to see the new icon. Also make sure that there is not another favicon file in your root directory - if there is, delete it.

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