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YouJoomla Releases Template of the Month for July - YouTrader

YouJoomla Releases Template of the Month for July - YouTrader

YouTrader is the latest responsive template from YouJoomla, and it offers a solution for those wanting to put together a website based around selling cars. The main feature that YouJoomla believes sets this template apart from the car themed templates on the market is the robust filtering system built in.

YouJoomla has built a new K2 extension, YJ K2 Filter, that allows developers to "filter K2 news items by extra fields." YouTrader also comes with a custom K2 template and an array of their custom built modules.

YouTrader is available for Joomla versions 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5. It also ships with a "Demo Starter" to make installation quick and easy.

For more information about YouTrader, visit YouJoomla's website.

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