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Two Become One

For the last few years we have offered three Joomla training courses. The Basics is still our free solution to learn the core concepts of Joomla. This series of 20 lessons is viewed by thousands each month and last year our YouTube channel hit the 1 million views mark.

Our advanced training was split into two courses; Beyond the Basics and Joomla Pro. Today we have merged almost all the training into the Beyond the Basics series. Joomla Pro will undergo a major restructure and become a course for those who want to learn how to make money as a Joomla developer.

We used to get questions about which course to choose and now the answrer is clear. The easiest and fastest way to get your website online is with the help of Beyond the Basics - our advanced Joomla tutorials which includes Lifetime Support, Lifetime Access, Lifetime Updates and a Lifetime Guarantee. Many of our members tell us that the support is worth the price alone! 

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