Shape 5 Releases New Template for Foodies

Food related websites are becoming more and more common, and Joomla is a natural fit for the organization and display of information needed for a food blog or online menu. "It's warm feel and easy to change color options make it very easy to adapt to just about any type of restaurant or food website," says Shape 5 of their new Joomla template, Modern Flavor.

Modern Flavor is designed to allow restaurant owners and food enthusiasts alike the ability to quickly get up and running with a responsive designed Joomla website. "It comes with great features like multiple highlight colors, custom fonts, responsive layout, and much more!"

The template is built on Shape 5's Vertex 2 template framework, which provides a fully responsive layout design. The responsive feature is optional, so you can turn it off if you're not comfortable working with responsive designs.

Here are a few of the notable features of Modern Flavor:

The new theme also includes Shape 5's highly upgraded S5 Flex Menu which runs on Joomla's core JavaScript library, Mootools.

Modern Flavor is a part of the Shape 5 template club, which starts at $49.99. For more information, visit Shape 5's website.