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Joomla! Magazine Releases October Issue

Joomla! Magazine Releases October Issue

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Even TechCrunch and TheNextWeb reported on the significance of Joomla being the first CMS to offer responsive design in the core of both the front end and the back end Administrator experiences. The addition of Twitter's Bootstrap is generating massive interest from all over the web design and development world as well.

The fact that a PostgreSQL driver has been added to support an even wider range of databases is also being noticed, maybe most notably from the larger Enterprise market.

Joomla users and designers are now mobile ready with version 3.0, and the user interface benefit that Bootstrap brings could be huge.

Simple Performance Guide

Ofer Cohen spells out some great ways to speed up a Joomla site and present a much faster user experience, particularly since such a large percentage of viewers these days will be on mobile devices.

The main methods for providing performance increases, according to Cohen, are the ones we know well but perhaps use too rarely, such as: GZIP, Cache, Compression, Minifying and Merging.

The First Joomla World Conference

This month Dianne Henning interviews Robert Deutz about the upcoming first ever Joomla World Conference in San Jose, California.

Topics discussed in the interview range from how the space was acquired from eBay in the first place to what can be expected and who should attend the event.

Visit The Joomla Magazine to read all the stories from this month's issue.

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