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Introducing Personal Joomla Consultations

When starting Build a Joomla Website, I always felt that the best way to learn was purely by video tutorials. You can watch over my shoulder as I walk you through processes step-by-step. As the site evolved, more people asked for help which soon became too hard via email, so I started our Joomla Forum. This has been a great help to everyone, especially our members who get priority support. Some tell us that this feature alone is worth the price of membership. However lately we've seen an increase in the number of requests for personal support from those who want the fastest start possible. So today I'm introducing a new service called One2One.

If you're ready to get started building a website that works the first time and want expert advice from someone who has been building websites for over 17 years, then get in contact now. But don't delay. I can only take on a select number of people so get in fast to avoid disappointment.

Find out more about One2One

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