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EasyBlog Integrates JV-Extensions for Even Easier Blog Management

EasyBlog Integrates JV-Extensions for Even Easier Blog Management

StackIdeas and JV-Extensions have worked together to produce an even stronger set of features for EasyBlog, the standout blogging platform for Joomla. JV-ContentLinks and JV-Relatives are now closely integrated directly into EasyBlog.

JV-ContentLinks is billed as a "traffic booster" for a Joomla website. "This component dynamically replaces certain keywords in your blog with links to specific articles, blogs or even categories," says developers, calling attention to other resources "buried deep within your website."

JV-Relatives works a bit differently, displaying related blog posts by scanning the copy in each article and providing links automatically. You can also display related posts in the front end of EasyBlog by having the extension scan through Categories.

By integrating the two of these Joomla extensions, a blog owner could dramatically boost both traffic and visitors' time on a website.

EasyBlog has worked with JV-Extensions to offer a special rate when purchasing both extensions.  For more information see EasyBlog's website.

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