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Allow Customers Domain Search Ability in Your Joomla Website

Allow Customers Domain Search Ability in Your Joomla Website

New this week to the JED is eXtro DomainCheck from Germany based developer eXtro-media. This new extension provides website users with the ability to do TLD (Top Level Domain) searches to check for available domain names, just as they would at an Internet Service Provider's website.

The list of TLDs available to users is customizable from the back end of Joomla. "Profiles" can be set up to allow quick TLD selection and ordering in the list displayed on the front end.

The module is styled with CSS, so customization of the look and feel to fit with an existing site is available as well.

There is a free version and a paid version available, and both are compatible with Joomla 2.5. The free version includes the features listed above, while the paid version removes backlinks, adds expanded TLD list configuration and includes full support from the developer.

The commercial version is €9.99.

For more information on features available and a full comparison chart between versions, visit eXtro-media's website.

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