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What is JomSocial?

A major component of the project we're developing is a private, social network. JomSocial is an amazing Joomla extension that provides functionality similar to Facebook. This helps your community to engage with each other, either privately or publicly. The Joomla People site uses JomSocial.
Clubs, churches, schools and other types of communities can benefit from JomSocial. Here are the main features:
  • Groups: your members can join and/or create groups. Groups can be open to everyone or remain private. Group members can hold discussions, share photos and videos and create events.
  • Profile: create your own field types for your members. The default Joomla registration only collects members' names. With JomSocial, you can create your own field types such as city and school attended and optionally display this information to other members.
  • Addons: there are over 200 JomSocial specific addons to provide even more functions.
JomSocial is available in three versions:
  1. Unlimited: ideal for developers
  2. Professional: can be used on one website
  3. Standard: fully functional but includes JomSocial branding
JomSocial is one of the best Joomla extensions I have used and there are several lessons demonstrating how to use it, in our Joomla Advanced Tutorials.
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