Here in Australia we're enjoying our first month of summer. Last year I read that summer (or winter for my northern hemisphere friends) is the best time to work on building your business. There are less distractions and the new year brings with it a fresh start. So I'll be doing a lot of business building over the next few months (as well as lots of tutorials), but occasionally I need to give my mind a break. This week I am running a free webinar and you're invited. Watch the following video:

Ask yourself "what is the number one thing stopping me from moving my website forward". Is it that you don't know which domain name to choose? Or which web host to use? Or how to do something in Joomla? Or if you can use Joomla to achieve a particular outcome. Or maybe you have a site already and you're stuck on a particular problem. Send me your question and then join me for this week's webinar where I'll do my best to answer it. It's free, but be sure to arrive a little early to ensure your place. We have a limited capacity and last time I ran one of these, we were 3 times oversubscribed.

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