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2 simple security tips

1. When you installed Joomla, you were asked to specify a password to access the Joomla Administrator. However the username of 'admin' was automatically assigned. To reduce the chances of someone hacking in to your Administrator, it is a great idea to change your username from 'admin' to anything else. That way, a hacker would have to guess both your username and password.

2. Each user is assigned a unique number in the database and the first user happens to be number 62. Hackers are aware of this and they might attempt to access your database using this ID. This isn't a problem for a normal Joomla installation. However security issues can arise at any time, especially if you have installed a poorly written extension. The following technique may help reduce the chances of this occurring.

  • Login to Administrator and go to User Manager
  • Create a new user and assign them to the 'Super Administrator' group
  • Edit the existing admin user and change their group from 'Super Administrator' to 'Registered'
  • Logout of Administrator and log back in using the new username and password you just created
  • Delete the previous user

Now that your user ID has changed, your site is just a little harder to infiltrate. If you are ever unlucky enough to have your site attacked, you will recover much more quickly if you have a current, local backup of your files and database.

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