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AJAX in Administrator

If you have a big site, it's the little things that can make a difference. If you manage a site that constantly needs changes to the article sort order or if you need to quickly unpublish an article, you know it can be a pain to click the appropriate icon in Administrator and wait for the page to refresh. You can speed up this process using technology called AJAX.

You might not be familiar with the term AJAX but you have almost certainly seen it in action on various websites. Normally selecting something on a web page requires a reload of the entire page which takes time. Website developers can use AJAX to just refresh a portion of the page which can significantly speed up this process.

The following extension only provides AJAX functionality for some basic Joomla Administrator features but you might find that this helps speed up your day.

1. Go to Blogomunity and register as a member (it's free).

2. Confirm your details via email.

3. Login to the site and go to the AJAX Toggler page.

4. Download the plugin to your computer

5. Login to your site and upload the plugin using Extensions - Install/Uninstall.

6. Go to Extensions - Plugin Manager and enable the Plugin.

Now when you need to change the sort order or Unpublish/Publish an article in your Joomla Administrator, AJAX technology will do this without reloading the page.

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