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I am a Joomla website designer with a particular interest in working with small, local businesses. Small enterprises are the majority around the world, yet they have been poorly serviced by the tech industry; sold products and services of inferior capability and left in the dark with regards to what can really be achieved on a small budget. I believe the web and the attitude of open-source, provide the opportunity for the small to excel. And Joomla plays a significant role in the new possibilities.

Helga Moreno is one of the ardent members of the friendly copywriters’ society. She has a very curious nature and a long list of topics waiting to be featured. She constantly researches in order not to miss a thing happening in the world of web design and development… Visit her Google+ account, she will be happy to add you to her circles.  

Owner of Build a Joomla Website. Responsible for 1 wife, 4 kids and 17 fish.

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