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Sneak Peek: Build a Joomla Website from Scratch #3

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This post features two video tutorials in response to Episode 29 of the Joomla Beat Podcast. These are also lessons from our upcoming course called Build a Joomla Website from Scratch. This series will be part of our Beyond the Basics series. In this first tutorial, I demonstrate how to install Joomla using Softaculous - a script installer included in many hosting accounts.


If your host doesn't include Softaculous (or other quick install option) you can still skip some steps by using the control panel's File Manager feature. This tutorial demonstrates how to do this using cPanel. Note that this only gets the Joomla files onto your hosting account. You still need to create a database and run through the web installer.

Do you have any installation tips? If so, please share below. 

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  • Andrew
    Andrew Friday, 2 August 2013

    As always detailed explanation without going overboard on technical stuff to frighten us.

    What I did notice when I loaded Joomla 3 on my Xampp was I could log out of the back end and when I went to front which was open I was allowed to set up a new account (not Super Admin).

    It could be a blip in the early Joomla 3 or my Xampp was not 100% maybe you could try this on a live site?

    Some of us build sites "on the fly" so we need to keep the front page open to monitor changes in which case I suggest disabling the log in module until ready to close the site to off line mode.

    Like I said it may have been a number of things at my end but worth noting if it is the same on the live site.

  • Richard Pearce
    Richard Pearce Friday, 2 August 2013

    I'm not quite sure what you mean, but keep in mind that frontend and backend logins are treated as separate sessions. If you have logged in to both and logout of Administrator, you'll still be logged in to the frontend.

  • Andrew
    Andrew Friday, 2 August 2013

    Hi Richard,

    Yes what you describe is not a problem, standard from my first adventures with Joomla 1.5.

    What I am trying to describe is I could make a new user by registering using the login module, I always thought the user / new account had to be approved or added by the the Super Admin?

    I had a few lines of text posted by super admin in the usual way, by creating the new user I could edit the content posted by super admin.

    I did not load any data so the site was clean, it could have happened because super admin had the page open while the new user was created honestly I can't be sure, either way I would not expect anyone who finds a site open to be able to register as a user and edit content that had been loaded from the back end by the only registered user.

    Even if I am wrong it only takes a few clicks to disable the module while working on a live site, obviously this was never going to be a problem for me as I was working on my localhost (xampp).

    It's almost 3 am here so maybe I'm not making much sense.

  • Richard Pearce
    Richard Pearce Friday, 2 August 2013

    Well of course that's not what's SUPPOSED to happen. And it hasn't been my experience. I guess if you really messed up the ACL then it would be possible for the public or a registered user to edit content. But of course that's not how it should be set out of the box.

    In regards to new registrations, Joomla now has three options; None - users are registered immediately, Self - the user has to confirm an email link, Admin - the user has to confirm an email link and then an Administrator has to confirm them as well. This is set at Users > Options > New User Account Activation.

  • Jenny Hughes
    Jenny Hughes Friday, 2 August 2013

    My only installation tip is to really try to avoid web hosters that don't offer cPanel. It's a pain not having it and often seems to presage other hosting headaches.

    I never realised that the cPanel file manager had an extract facility. much better than having to upload unzipped files when you don't have Fantastico or Softaculous - thanks

  • Richard Pearce
    Richard Pearce Friday, 2 August 2013

    Just be careful because it will overwrite without asking you to confirm.

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