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Here's your chance to win a copy of the amazing EasyBlog 5 by StackIdeas.

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Section 3 of Joomla 3 Webmaster is now online and this completes the main part of this course. If you’re a web host, trainer or developer, you now have the unique opportunity to provide a non-branded version of this course to your customers.

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Section 2 of Joomla 3 Webmaster - Creating & Managing Content - is now online for members.

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The baton for this year's Australian JoomlaDay has been passed to sunny Brisbane. 

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I'm seriously excited to announce that the first section of our latest course is now online. Joomla 3 Webmaster teaches everything there is to know about Joomla! 3.

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Joomla is a common choice in the community of web developers, as it provides enormous flexibility, vital for creating powerful sites with a minimum effort. This open-source CMS isn’t only easy to install, but also provides advanced support in managing and updating websites. Google and other search engines face no obstacles with the indexation of online portals built with this tool. In such a way, users of Joomla can boost visibility of their web resources and deliver their content to the wider audience.

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I am a fan of JoomlArt, one of the oldest and most respected Joomla extension developers. However their latest release has me scratching my head. It’s either fiendishly clever or downright evil. Would you let this extension lose on your website?

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Thanks for helping our free course - The Basics for Joomla 3 - become the most popular Joomla course at Udemy!

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Didn't get what you hoped for this Valentine's Day? Roses are red; violets are blue; look at these goodies I found for you.

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In the latest episode of Joomla Beat, I join host Peter Bui to discuss some rules to consider when creating passwords.

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