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Build a Wordpress Website

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It's true. Our Beyond the Basics course now includes WordPress tutorials. 

"Rich - say it isn't so!"

Look, I've always liked WordPress, but I went with Joomla because out of the box, it provides more flexibility. However this added flexibility comes at the cost of a steeper learning curve. For some people that cost is too high and they abandon their Joomla journey. So although I remain an advocate for Joomla, at the end of the day all I want to do is help people get a website online fast and if that means using a different tool that I still like, then my outcome has been achieved.

So if you've been wondering which software is best for your website, or you simply want to learn both platforms, I have great news. Our Beyond the Basics members now get the best of both worlds. In addition to getting access to our library of 150+ Joomla tutorials, members now have access to 20 WordPress tutorials. These lessons take you through the essentials of installing and building a WordPress-powered website.


1. What is WordPress?
2. vs.
3. How to Install WordPress
4. The Dashboard
5. Create a New Post
6. Edit an Existing Post
7. Using Categories and Tags
8. How to Create and Edit Pages
9. How to Add Photos and Images
10. How to Embed Video
11. Using the Media Library
12. Managing Comments
13. How to Create Links
14. Changing the Theme
15. Adding Widgets
16. Building Custom Menus
17. Installing Plugins
18. Adding New Users
19. Useful Tools
20. Settings & Configuration

Existing members can login now, navigate to the tutorials under the Members menu (visible once logged in) and look for the WordPress heading in the right column.

We're moving to a subscription model - act now to lock in for life

Not a member yet? There has never been a better time to join.

Right now Beyond the Basics is a single payment which includes lifetime access, lifetime updates, lifetime support and a lifetime guarantee. We're looking to change this to a yearly subscription model. So instead of charging $97 for life, it would become $97 a year.

So if you're not yet a member, I suggest jumping in now while the lifetime offer is still available. Beyond the Basics recently changed and now includes all of our Joomla tutorials in one complete package. And now WordPress tutorials too. Act right now and you'll still get lifetime access, lifetime updates, lifetime support and a lifetime guarantee. There has never been a better time to learn how to build, maintain and grow a Joomla (or WordPress) website.

Learn more about Beyond the Basics

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  • Guest
    Bob Tuesday, 26 February 2013

    If I wanted to learn wordpress i would go to wordpress!

    Isn't this a Joomla site????? Its like Coke doing a presentation on Pepsi.... not cool...!!

  • Richard Pearce
    Richard Pearce Tuesday, 26 February 2013

    Coke vs. Pepsi is a very different comparison to two open source CMS platforms. Customers have told us that they wished we provided WordPress training too. We could have done this on a different site and charged extra, but we decided to include it as a bundle. It is kind of weird that it lives on a site called Build a Joomla Website, but like I said, this allows us to provide the training for no additional cost.

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  • Tim John
    Tim John Tuesday, 26 February 2013

    Don't quite understand Bob's reasoning here. I already have "life access" so, for me, it's essentially something for nothing! Any chance of expanding your WordPress lessons to include a shopping cart tutorial? I know there are plenty available from other sources on line but thought I'd ask anyway!

  • Amory Kandy
    Amory Kandy Tuesday, 26 February 2013

    Despite I love joomla, I'm so glad there is a chance to learn the other platform as well.
    Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

  • Tim Feldman
    Tim Feldman Tuesday, 26 February 2013

    I think it's great that your offering Wordpress too. Joomla is great for most sites but sometimes Wordpress is the way to go.....the more choices the better.

  • Guest
    Shannon Wednesday, 27 February 2013

    This is AWESOME and THANK YOU so very much! :)

  • Suellen Green
    Suellen Green Wednesday, 27 February 2013

    I have had to learn Wordpress for various reasons, and I actually find it a lot less intuitive than Joomla. I was so happy when I saw your email because I need help, and suddenly, I have it. Thank you so much for adding Wordpress to your tutorials.

  • Mike Heron
    Mike Heron Tuesday, 5 March 2013

    Your Joomla tuition is the best I've ever seen, especially for a mug like me. I tried wordpress tutorial, but is was written for people already familiar with many aspects of websites. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing your wordpress tutorials. I aim to have wordpress and Joomla as I can see they both suit different circumstances. All the best to you

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